lyle baskEnvirosize Oilfield Services Ltd. was incorporated in 1997 and is owned and operated by Lyle Bask, whose career in seismic started in 1989 in the line cutting industry.  He has worked in all types of line cutting; from cat cut and Bombardier L.I.S. to heli-portable, and this experience led Lyle in the direction of seismic drilling in 1996, with the purchase of his first Bombardier L.I.S. Drill.  

Over the past 20 years, Envirosize has evolved into one of the largest geophysical drilling contractors in Western Canada, offering a large fleet of drilling equipment to suite our clients needs. We offer drilling services ranging from LIS Track Drilling to specialized Air Hammer Drilling.

With programs being completed throughout Alberta, British Columbia, Quebec, the Northwest Territories and Eastern Canada, we are confident in the service in which we are able to provide to our clients.

We look forward to serving our clients with top grade equipment and competitive bidding strategies, now and in the future.

Lyle Bask - President




Our Commitment

Drilling today......for a better tomorrow.

Envirosize Oilfield Services Ltd. is dedicated to offering competitive pricing, professional personnel and safe & efficient services to our clients.



Our safety department works diligently to ensure that our COR Safety Program is being implemented and that latest regulation requirements for personnel and equipment are being met and up to date.   We have been an active member of the CAGC for over 10 years.

Our Team



Each and every one of our employees represent the spirit of our company: driven, committed and hardworking.  We have employees who have been with us for over 15 years, which contributes to the overall success of Envirosize.

Everyone works together to complete our programs, from administrative staff to drill crews in the field




2014 Vegas to Reno

l-r:  Lee Mundt, Ali Bask, Lyle Bask In 2014, Lyle participated in the offroad race, the BITD 2014 Vegas to Reno.  He was able to take his eldest ...

2011 Baja Corporate Adventure

l-r: Jon Enman, Jacob Rivest, Darren DesRoches, Brody Harding, Mike Ferguson, Lyle Bask, Shauna Bask, Don Boucher  

2007 Envirosize Invades Baja...Again

l-r:  unknown, unknown, Mark Zylstra, James DeGaine (guide extraordinaire), Lawrence Konkin, Glen Weenink, Tom Davies, Lyle Bask, Shauna Bask, Lee ...

2005-Wide Open Baja

In 2005, Lyle and his wife, Shauna, embarked on a crazy and wild adventure to the Baja penninsula of Mexico, to partake in an "arrive and drive" ...