Why Choose Us?

Large Fleet

Envirosize is one of the largest seismic drilling contractors in Western Canada, offering a fleet of over 30 seismic drilling units. We can facilitate any job, large or small, depending on our clients needs. 

We utilize Bombardier Muskeg Carriers for all of our specialized track operations.  Our track machines are very versatile for a number of different uses and they are capable of carrying heavy loads through the wettest, roughest terrain to get the most difficult jobs completed safely and efficiently. We have machines equipped with water tanks for seismic and oilfield drilling support, fire fighting operations, as well as personnel carriers and picker deck units to transport men and equipment. 

With seismic programs being completed throughout Alberta, British Columbia, the Northwest Territories Quebec and Eastern Canada, we are confident in the service which we are able to provide. We look forward to serving our clients with top grade equipment and competitive bidding strategies. We are able to complete any program, anywhere.  

Track Vehicle Rentals Available

Please contact us for more information.  

Competitive Pricing

We believe in cost effective bid strategies to present to our clients.  We offer everything you need, we have the equipment, the manpower and the management to complete your seismic drilling programs.  



With over 20 years in the industry, we have the experience and expertise needed and required to be successful in the seismic industry. Our track record of getting the job done efficiently and effectively is proven time and time again.


Great Service

We offer the Best Service in Seismic Drilling, Shothole Drilling and Water Hauling in Alberta and BC, Canada

Raw & Potable Water Hauling

Envirosize Oilfield Services Ltd can service a variety of water needs and requirements both in the commercial and residential areas. We are equipped to service both the oilfield industry and refineries. Our trucks and track water carriers are equipped for road construction in both the summer and winter seasons. We have units with floatation tires and tracks for whatever the condition or requirement. Envirosize is capable of supplying the water needs efficiently and effectively in any type of situation.